Better CLI tools

Published on 2022-06-29

These are a collection of command line tools that I use (on Windows) in place of the more traditional tools you would find in a *NIX system.

WhatOGBetterLangMultiHow to install
Find text in filesgrepripgrepRust✔️cargo install ripgrep
List files in a directorylsexaRust1cargo install exa
Read file contentcatbatRust✔️Package manager (+ choco)
Find files by namefindfzfGo✔️Package manager (+ choco)
Count lines of codecloclocRust✔️cargo install loc
Navigate/manipulate JSONjq?yqGo✔️go install
Navigate/manipulate HTMLN/ApupGo✔️go install

  1. exa doesn’t compile on Windows ↩︎